Our Mission

Enrich Community. Cultivate Partnerships. Create Culture.

Noblesville Main Street enriches the culture and community of the City’s downtown historic district by creating partnerships and programs to connect people to unique places and experiences.

A 501 c3 not-for-profit organization, Noblesville Main Street is 100% funded through annual corporate and partner sponsorships.

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Enrich Community

by reaching and connecting people.

Noblesville Main Street connects city-wide residents, regional visitors, and partners with downtown businesses, merchants, and makers. As an organization we understand that our vibrant downtown is a treasure and amenity for our community. Noblesville Main Street is dedicated to creating, driving, and promoting ways for people to connect and celebrate the excitement alive within our historic downtown square.


Cultivate Partnerships

To celebrate our Places and embrace Programs to support them.

Noblesville Main Street infuses energy and activates year-long programming to support our downtown district, contributing to the economic and quality of life impact of our city.

Noblesville Main Street contributes to programmatic efforts to enhance the physical appearance of the commercial district from rehabilitating historic buildings, supporting new construction, and developing sensitive design management systems. The look and feel of Downtown Noblesville, its streets, signs, buildings and store interiors is unique to each Indiana community. Noblesville Main Street helps by connecting all of these elements to nurture the vibrant, friendly, and character-rich landscape of our City.

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Create Culture

With Ideas, Events, and Experiences to Showcase Noblesville Downtown.

We focus on creating new and maintaining lasting installations and events to enrich experiences for people in and out of our community. Noblesville Main Street actively produces and promotes more than 60 events each calendar year, the majority of which are free to our community. These events including the Noblesville Main Street Farmers Market, Noblesville Main Street Duck Race, and the Noblesville Main Street ‘Street Dance’ attract more than 150,000 attendees to our downtown district each year between May and October. Our First Friday and Meals From The Market event series create new ways for people to connect with local businesses and artisan experiences. Noblesville Main Street actively collaborates with other community not-for-profit organizations to uncover new and interesting ways to expand cultural experiences in Downtown Noblesville.

In addition to signature and event series, Noblesville Main Street is a key marketing influencer, promoting the commercial district's assets to customers, potential investors, businesses, local residents, and visitors. Noblesville Main Street understands that to keep investors, visitors, and businesses coming downtown, we have to showcase Noblesville Downtown and its hub of activity.